TAKE-OFF - Coming 2019

A juvenile delinquent befriends an elderly nursing home resident and together they plan a prison break style escape.


Juvenile delinquent Jules 13’ is snooping around a room at the Shady Acres Retirement Community, while trying to avoid work. She fixates on a black and white framed photograph of a man pole vaulting. Harry 70’s catches her in his room but seems nonplussed. They chat over breakfast and become fast friends. Jules then learns the dark side of Shady Acres in the form of Ms Martz a ruthless dictator who sends anyone who crosses her to ‘the bin’ psychiatric ward. Harry fears this fate and has dreamt of escaping for years, so Jules decides to make that dream a reality. After their original escape plan falls through, they must work cunningly and tirelessly to escape Ms Martz and her goons. They throw them off the scent and make a run for the front gate, only to have Ms Martz pull her Jeep into their path. The ever-resourceful Jules finds a pool cleaning pole and hands it to Harry ceremoniously. Harry must then choose between ‘the bin’ or risk it all with one final ‘Take-off’. The other residents, Martz, her goons and Jules watch on in shock as Harry soars. Weightless, triumphant. Escaping Martz and inspiring Jules and the residence in emphatic fashion.